Your #1 Muscle Building Tool

Your number one muscle building tool may be very surprising. It’s not all the time that doing one thing can significantly impact your chances of success so much that it is universally recommended. So, what exactly is the number one muscle building tool?

A pen and paper of course. I guess that’s actually two muscle building tools. But you get the gist of it. By writing down exactly what muscle building exercises you did including how much weight you lifted, how many reps, what muscle groups and even what you ate throughout the day, you can increase your chances of improving, simply because you are tracking your progress and planning specific, targeted exercises and meals that will get you the results you want. More than that, by keeping a record, you reinforce the goals that you’ve set for yourself.

In muscle building, its important to understand the specifics of your workout, no matter the style of training you do. Examining your approach to training is key and it should be done carefully. If you haven’t paid attention to the amount of weight you’ve lifted and for how many reps, you are ignoring the muscle building process altogether. To see the best gains in strength and muscle mass pen and paper are number one.


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