Top 10 Muscle Building Facts

Muscle building is not easy and its made even more difficult because there is so much to learn. Many of us learn as we go making mistake after mistake until we understand what we need to know in order to get our desired results. We’d like to help you cut to the chase by presenting ten muscle building facts that we’d like you to know from the get go to make your learning curve a little less difficult.

1. Building Muscle Depends on Genetics

Some traits are inherited. Whether your parents have thin or large frames makes a difference. While its likely that you’ll inherit some of your parents’ attributes, it doesn’t mean that you can build a muscular physique. You’re just going to have to work harder for it.

2. Metabolism Affects Size

Your metabolism has a great affect on how big you can get. If your trying to gain weight and build muscle and you’re naturally thin, you’ll have a more difficult time because your body burns calories as fast or faster than you can consume them.

3. Weight Training Programs Are Not One Size Fits All

Weight training is trial and error. Unfortunately one program is not universal. What works for one person will not always work for you. To start out looking for a program that may work for you, find someone with a similar body type as you and try and follow in their footsteps.

4. Over-Training Won’t Work

Weight lifting stimulates growth. Your muscles need to time to repair and grow new muscles. This only happens when you allow your body proper rest and time between exercises.

5. You Won’t Get Huge Muscles From Isolation Exercises

Multi-muscle group exercises  are the best types of exercises. They help you to put on the most in overall size. The put the most amount of stress on your body, prompting the body to release the most muscles building hormones.

6. Free Weights Build Muscle Quicker

Dumbbells and barbells are the preferred method of bodybuilding over machines. They simply make your body work harder. They also stimulate supporting muscle and require more concentration. Machines are good for beginning bodybuilders because they help with form and control, but they also limit the overall effectiveness of the exercise.

7. Go Heavy Over Time

In order to build the muscle you want, you must challenge your body. To do this you need to lift heavier weights over time. This causes the most muscle gain. To gauge how heavy you need to lift, failure is likely reached after 4-8 repetitions.

8. Don’t Train For Long Sessions

Weight training should last between 1 hour and 1 hour 15 minutes. Long sessions can cause catabolic hormones, hormones responsible for muscle loss, to develop.

9. Building Muscle Helps Burn Fat

If your diet calls for high calorie consumption, the best way to lose fat if that is part of your goal is to perform weight training. While performing aerobic activities will also help you lose fat, it’s not the best strategy in this case.

10. To Build Muscle, You Need To Eat

In muscle building, eating is a very important aspect. You need to eat often, roughly every 2-3 hours, adding up to about 6 times a day. You need to consume lots of protein as well. By spreading your meals throughout the day, your muscles will always have the energy it needs for building and repair.



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