5 Tips for Yoga Success

Yoga is a proven stress reliever. It unifies the body, mind and spirit. If you’ve just started doing yoga, the five tips we’ve outlined below can help you get started on the road to a centered life.

Get Checked Out First

Speak with your doctor before performing yoga or any other physical exercise. You may be particularly at risk if you have certain diseases or if certain poses may put you at risk for injury. Be sure to follow your doctor’s recommendations.


Take it one step at a time. Starting out in yoga can be exciting. Learning new poses and techniques is fun as well, but before you jump in, find a class that suits your abilities as a beginner and don’t move too fast before attempting more advanced yoga classes. You must allow your body to get used to the new form of exercise.

We All Have Limits

Know your limitations. Don’t push yourself too hard and don’t allow anyone else to either. Understanding your own level of experience and the limitations that your body has at any level of exercising is important. You wouldn’t want to needlessly put yourself at risk. Remember that the exercise should be fun and relaxing.

Do Your Homework

Do some research. Go online and research yoga classes. If you can, you can always practice at home using books, youtube videos, dvds, etc. You can even get others’ recommendations.

Go Light

Eat light before practicing. Exercising on an empty stomach is best, but if you must eat, wait at least two hours before performing yoga. Be sure to not let yourself get too hungry, though, as hunger can deter your ability to focus or think and even lessen your ability to relax or meditate.

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