7 Fitness Tips for Women



Starting out in anything unfamiliar can be daunting at best. This can be especially difficult for women. With so much to learn and do, you have to take it step by step and start from the beginning slowly. The same goes for getting started in a fitness program for the first time. 

Here are 7 fitness tips for women starting out in fitness.  

  1. Getting into fitness

Getting started with fitness is different for everyone. When it comes to fitness, it can be especially difficult for women. To begin, always started by consulting your doctor to be sure that your are suited for exercise and its recommended that you consult with a qualified personal trainer. If the fitness program is not right for you a trainer will be able to set you on the right path, hopefully allowing you to avoid injury and frustration. 

2. Set realistic goals

Setting achievable goals for yourself can save you from being frustrated later. Imagine exercising and following a fitness plan for one month and being disappointed when you didn’t lose that 20 pounds and three dress sizes you were aiming for. Your fitness program should not give you false hope. Understanding that there are many roadblocks we encounter in daily life that can impede us from reaching our goals and try to mentally prepare yourself for less progress. 

3. Do Multi-joint exercises

By learning what exercises work which muscles on specific areas of your body can help you being to perform multi-joint exercises. These types of exercises are effective and time-saving and you can burn more calories by developing muscles while decreasing fat in your body. 

4. Be systematic on working on your muscles.

Your muscles should be challenged more and more over time. Doing the same exercises again and again without working your muscles any harder will not allow you to achieve results. By making a record of your workouts and reviewing them, you can further improve by reviewing the data and become motivated by seeing how far you have come. 

5. Perform a set of exercises in 10 repetitions.

Try to make each repetition or ‘rep’ count. Using as little momentum as possible, your muscles work even harder. The harder they are worked, the stronger they can become. 

6. Be flexible and perform a variety of exercises.

By inserting variety into your workout program, you alleviate the chance of boredom setting in, leading to a loss of mental and physical energy. Working with a personal trainer, you can come up with a set of monthly goals and exercises to keep you motivated. 

7. Be Motivated!

A great way to stay motivated is to stay in control. By tracking your progress and being consistent with your workout, you are able to exert a certain level of ownership over your body’s physical and mental well-being. 

Keep in mind that not all fitness programs work for everyone, however, you can learn from others who are experienced and knowledgeable, stay motivated to work hard everyday to achieve your goals and be self-disciplined. By doing this, you’ll find that your fitness journey will get easier over time. 



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